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Damian and Daniel of Ray White Auckland City Apartments are now recognised as the leading team in the Auckland City Apartment market. Damian and Daniel have been top performers in the industry since 2003. In 2009, Damian and Daniel joined forces – coming together as Team DD.

Team DD is now recognised as the leading group within the Ray White network and were once described by the CEO of Ray White as one of the most effective partnerships in the group. Employing two full time administrative assistants and one buyers agent – Team DD are continuing to set the standard in marketing inner city apartments.

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Auckland City is a constantly growing and evolving market. The multitude of vibrant cultures, diverse people, lively vibe and the exciting developments that are continually popping up are only a few of the elements why we love being so heavily involved in, and a part of ‘Our Auckland’.

With over 20,000 apartments scattered throughout the inner-city, varying in size from as small as the 9sqm studios, through to the lavish and luxurious apartments larger than most suburbia homes, Thus we never quite know what tomorrow in Auckland City holds, and because of the great variances in the properties we work with, every apartment leads us to being able to deal with people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

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